About Us

Wholesale Angel is the fourth e-commerce website designed, developed and launched by the team from Amazeballs General Trading LLC. Wholesale Angel is purely dedicated to giving our customers a premium shopping experience whereby you can select amazing quality wholesale produce, buy it online or choose cash on delivery and then enjoy these items which will be delivered straight to your door in perfect conditions.

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We also have some pretty cool brands that we distribute in the UAE market. For more information please check out www.amazeballs.ae

We have also just been nominated for the Gulf Capital SME awards for Start Up Business Of The Year Finalist 2016.

The company was started by entrepreneur Benita Hiles-Bohsali, who has been in this region for a decade. Wholesale Angel was launched after finding a lack well-priced, high quality products in the market and the mission is to deliver them to your door. What an awesome experience if we can get it right and this is our aim!

Feel free to contact us with any feedback, if you need help with any online orders, or even just to chat! We'd love to hear from you at info@amazeballs.ae