Our meat selection is vast, with tasty cuts of meat available in beef, lamb, ostrich, venison, veal and waygu varieties. Whilst there is a price per kg, items are sold per piece.


Whether it's a special occasion or just because you love turkey sandwiches, we have all sizes of ducks and turkeys to suit the occasion. Sold in kg's.


Get your hands on our Mozambican langoustines and lobsters. Very rare in the UAE and of absolute superior quality to local varieties, we have by far the best shellfish in town. Sold in boxes.


Gone are the days when people did not appreciate the power of eggs! Scrambled, poached, fried or boiled, they are packed with protein and just so nutritious. Munched quickly, sold by case.


Tired of carrying heavy drinks from your car indoors? Great for smoothies, juices and as a super thirst quencher, we will deliver your coconut water which is sold per case.


Here you will find a few items to help you cook your delivered fresh foods. Sold in boxes or cases.


With any large celebration you need good party food! Perfect for large gatherings or even just because you have freezer space, get your party boxes here.